Company Profile: Financial Services organization with 100 employees

Product: SaaS software used to manage the collection, calculation and reporting of tax information globally.

Need: A strategy for how to effectively prospect corporations and accounting firms globally. This included hiring the right resources and empowering them with the proper local messaging.


  • Created go to market message used by sales, marketing, and live at conferences, globally
  • Launched Global Expansion into Europe, Asiapac and Africa through direct efforts and partner programs
  • Solidified partnerships with all top 10 account firms globally
  • Built inside sales team, solution consultants and account management process  
  • Managed consulting division to ensure client experience and launched support function  
  • Grew through sales to corporations from 50MM to Fortune 500 on a global basis
  • Revenue grew over 100% for 5 years, leading to acquisition by Fortune 500 company

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