Company Profile: Social Media Company with 20 employees

Product: Mined social media data from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  Went beyond positive, neutral and negative and used 56 emotions to drive real business decisions for media companies, agencies, and brands  

Need: Create processes to streamline new sales and ensure successful client on-boarding.   Did not achieve revenue targets and retention targets in the first 5 months of the year. Needed marketing plan and messaging to launch 3 new products


  • Over a three month period, onboarded and trained new sales team and created a sales process focused on client needs and value  
  • Increased monthly revenue from $120k to $190k overachieving the sales plan goal by 35%
  • Implemented quarterly and annual business reviews resulting in 100% client retention same period, while upticking ACV 10% to 85% YOY
  • Launched new sales plan focused on Multichannel networks (MCN’s), publishers and expanding brands
  • Managed marketing message, website content, social media plan, and sales materials for three new product launches
  • Started steering committee to coordinate client needs with product management and development.  This helped improve retention and drive sales of new products

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